Commodity Wireless Technologies and Radio Regulations

Wireless Technologies

Wireless technology has become the de-facto means of communication that most of us rely on for work as well as play. As the scope and depth of wireless applications and services increases, network capacity, robustness and security become ever more important. Getting the best out of wireless – and that includes Wi-Fi – requires an understanding of the technology, its interaction with the environment, its applications and its regulatory constraints.

With more than 35 years of experience in data communications, network security and protocol standards as well as radio regulations for wireless technologies, SpectrumConsult is in an excellent position to help clients with realizing the full potential of innovative wireless systems and services.


Continuation of the work with Peter Anker on spectrum sharing metrics has resulted in a third paper: Technology Agnostic Regulatory Criteria for License Exempt spectrum”. It was published DIGITAL POLICY, REGULATION AND GOVERNANCE VOL. 20 NO. 1 2018

Wi-Fi @ 30

An interesting project was “Wi-Fi @ 30″, a short history of the developments that led to the emergence of Wi-Fi as the dominant short distance communications technology for consumers and for professional use. The project was sponsored by Huawei Technologies Netherlands BV and presented on October 31st at the INFOSEC fair in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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Do the eyes have it?

In the late 1990’s wireless technology enthusiasts, appreciating the opportunities and capabilities inherent in the IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN standard, began thinking seriously about vehicular applications and promoted the idea of using this to improve road safety. In...

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