Commodity Wireless Technologies and Radio Regulations

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Fantasies and facts

We all have our fantasies, and about many things. Some we can talk about, some we’d prefer to keep to ourselves. Even if we limit ourselves to technology related fantasies, the ones we talk about can be pretty fantastic – think of the idea to pack a telephone, agenda,...

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Do the eyes have it?

In the late 1990’s wireless technology enthusiasts, appreciating the opportunities and capabilities inherent in the IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN standard, began thinking seriously about vehicular applications and promoted the idea of using this to improve road safety. In...

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The emperor’s RED clothes

You probably know the Andersen fable of the vain emperor who was deluded enough to parade before his people dressed in new clothes that were sold to him as invisible only to those unfit for their job or hopelessly stupid. Of course, the emperor nor his court wanted to...

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